Hockey Anyone?


So I just saw something kind of unusual for my neck of the woods . . . a men’s hockey game .

No, I don’t mean field hockey. This is rollerblade hockey or whatever you’re supposed to call it .

From where I am in my car it looked like it was ice hockey but of course that is ridiculous because I’m in Florida and it’s not below freezing, so it would not be ice hockey.

I went closer to get a better look and it was a team on in-line skates.

The other thing that was unusual was that the whole team was made up of young men and middle-aged white males.

I expected this team to be of varied ethnicities with no whites. So it was quite a surprise to find a hockey team of white males at this particular location.

They really moved fast in this game. I suspect that most of these men were from the north where they all played ice hockey.

They all looked like naturals out there, like they grew up doing this .

It was fun to watch them. Some of them were not spring chickens and I also wondered if they were like weekend warrior types, going out for a game with the guys and risking heart attacks. LOL

I say that kind of as a joke but it’s not really a joke. You hear stories all the time about men and women who engage in activities that they are not used to doing or they haven’t physically kept up for. Then they go and have heart attacks in the middle of the activity .

I wondered if anyone of them knew how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It would certainly be a good skill to have handy at this kind of event—to be able to resuscitate someone who had gone down and was in trouble.

It doesn’t seem like it would take much for one of those guys to push it just a little bit too much and have a heart attack. I think it should be a requirement for teams of middle-aged men and women to have someone on or with the team who knows how to do CPR.

Someone should be always at the ready to revive a player who has succumbed to a heart attack. And someone should always have the presence of mind to be ready to call 911 as well.

Anyway, so it’s just interesting to come across an inline skate hockey game, at a community park where basketball and skating are king. Also to see it played by a team of the composition I’ve described. In an area of mostly Latinos.

To quote Forrest Gump: And that’s all I have to say about that.

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