Paint Your Heart Out

I was in Southern California recently. I went to visit an old friend of mine who I have known since I lived there .

Every year or almost every year this friend and I get together for a weekend someplace . Sometimes it’s at her house in Southern California . Sometimes we meet someplace else for the weekend .

One time we met in Minneapolis at the mall of America . She picked that place. I probably would not have chosen the mall to be our focal point for the weekend but she was flying me there so I didn’t complain .

Another time we went to Las Vegas.  She had tickets for a Garth Brooks concert and that’s what we went to see. We spent the rest of the weekend just exploring and relaxing.

But this year I went to her house and we hung out there for the weekend.

One of the things we did was to paint ceramics.

There’s a chain of stores called Color Me Mine. They’re on the West Coast. I don’t know if they’re on the East Coast but I haven’t seen them here.

It’s a store where you paint your own ceramic piece and then they fire it and glaze it for you.

You go to the store and select the piece that you want to paint. They have two walls full of ceramic pieces that you can pick from. They’re all made of white clay and they’re blank.

They bring you whatever paints you want and then you paint your heart out. They take it away when you’re done and fire it and glaze it for you.

I have done this probably five times now with my friend. These five times have been spread out over the last maybe 10 or 15 years.

Every time we go, though, it’s just as fun as the last time. We always both enjoy it.

This time I was quite surprised that the store was crammed full of people. There was basically standing room only. So apparently the store has not suffered any loss in popularity over the years. If anything it has grown in popularity.

There was even a kid’s party that was going on. In other words, a mom and dad had reserved space for a whole bunch of kids to go and paint a ceramic piece as part of a birthday celebration . That was fun to see.

Also there were two or three families. Moms and dads and kids all grouped around tables and all painting ceramic pieces.

There were a couple of times when I almost made a mistake on my piece. That would have given me a heart attack!

But I didn’t need to worry because my friend knows CPR . She could have resuscitated me with no problem.

I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t have had a heart attack.

My piece turned out well. It takes the store a week to get pieces glazed and fired, so I actually haven’t seen my finished product yet. It should arrive this week, though.

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