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Hey, Welcome To The New Creation Singers

I’m glad you found my blog site. Maybe you stumbled on it or maybe you actually intended to be here but in either case I’m glad you arrived.

Let me just get the first obvious question out of the way. That’s the question about my domain name. New creation singers. So what’s that about?

Well here it is. I have this idea to create an a cappella singing group . I don’t know why a cappella, other than I really like some a cappella groups I’ve heard and I think it would be really cool to create one myself.

The area where I live has no such kind of group. I know we have a bazillion garage bands but no a cappella group.

And since this would be a new thing for the area , the idea of calling it new creation singers just seems like it fit.

So that answers that question for you. This blog will no doubt be a lot about that singing group, as I develop it and pull it together. I’m sure there will be some stories and incidences that are worth recording.

I just thought it would be a good idea to have a blog where I could document the steps that lead to this group coming into the making.

But I’m not going to keep the blog just to that topic . There are other things I would like to discuss. These will be random subjects , ranging from farm to table internships , airsofting , hybrid cars , writing for a living , divorce , and other topics .

You can see that this is going to be a wide ranging blog.

You’re welcome to comment on any of the blogs and I may even open up the site for guest bloggers as well.

About me … I am a woman In my 40s , I have a couple of kids , I live in a suburban area , I’m relatively well adjusted to life but I’m not under any illusion that I don’t have any hangups . Like half of the country, I am seeing a therapist to work out some of these issues and possibly some of that will come into my blog posts as well .

As I sit and write this , I am outside at the field while my son is involved in a game . It is a January afternoon. I live in the south and we are in the middle of a beautiful mild spell . It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold.

I’m surrounded by vehicles on a grass parking lot, looking at an area of picnic tables in the middle of the lot. The place is thick with people in fatigues, combat boots and tactical vests. They’re carrying weapons—AK’s, assault rifles, pistols, and the like.

If I hadn’t been coming here for a long time I’d be a bit intimidated. Not now. These are boys and men fully invested in airsoft combat. My son is out there, too.

I’m just enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful weather. And starting my blog.

Thanks for checking this out!